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A Well Deserved Rest

By: Natalie Times Read: 206
A Well Deserved Rest

Whilst we are waiting for this year's eggs to hatch and whilst we have a couple of weeks before the joiner delivers the rest of the tortoise housing for the current held orders, we have decided to take the opportunity to take some time off. We'll only be gone for a week and I can assure you that we have double checked all delivery dates and there will be no delays created by this time off, nothing is due until we return.

You may not know this but Gemma and I were friends long before we started working together, but have since not had the chance to take time off work together, except, of course the Christmas closure, but that's for family. Due to the move and the numerous delays we haven't even had time to take a separate break this year, since the return following the New Year. So we're just going to take a week to recoup.

Any orders placed after 3pm Thursday 22nd July will not be processed or sent until we return. We will be back Monday 2nd August and orders will start to be shipped again Tuesday 3rd August.