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wakey wakey

By: The Tortoise Shop Times Read: 4007

Well the time has come to wake Oscar up!!!!

So I have set Oscars house up with new bedding etc and have tested that the lights are working. 

However i don't put him straight into his house, I always find it easier to bring Oscar out of the fridge, give him half an hour in a warm room (normally my kitchen} this just starts to bring him round.

Next I give him a nice warm bath for about 10mins, I then pop him back in the outer hibernation box (once he's been dried off with a paper towel) with the shredded paper and place the box in a warm room near the radiator. Turn the lamps on in the tortoise table (Oscar is in Daisy) and let it warm up so he's got a lovely basking spot.

After about half an hour or so I can hear Oscar start to move around in the box and scratching at the sides (well he does like to climb!) at this point I move him over to his house, once inside he gives me a little smile as if to say I'm back home!!!!!  .

I don't feed Oscar the same day he comes out of hibernation, but he does have some food the next day, I also keep up with the baths just so he can re-hydrate himself.

The Badger family is all back together again.