Trixie Mini ProSun 70watt UV/Basking Bulb

Trixie Mini ProSun 70watt UV/Basking Bulb

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ProSun Mixed D3 Tungsten Lamp

This bulb can be used as a direct replacement for the Arcadia 80 watt.

The ProSun 70 watt D3 Basking/UV Bulb provides a high output of UVB/UVA which is essential to any and all tortoise’s health and well being. A UV source of this high standard, combined with a healthy fresh diet of weeds and flowers, will prevent disease such as Metabolic Bone Disease.


*Average life: 6000hours*

*E27 Screw Fitting*

*1 year guarantee*

  • self-ballasted UV-B mercury vapor lamp
  • optimal supply of UV-A, UV-B and infrared heat for reptiles in terrariums
  • simulates the sun's natural UV radiation
  • optimal UV-B supply for desert and savannah day active reptiles
  • suitable for daily exposure (do not exceed recommended distance to animal)
  • supports the synthesis of vitamin D3 and helps prevent metabolic diseases
  • UV-A radiation emitted supports activity, reproduction and appetite
  • Basking & UVB/UVA combination

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