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Trixie Lighting Vs Arcadia Lighting

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Trixie Lighting Vs Arcadia Lighting

You may have noticed that we have more Trixie products than Arcadia right now. This is because Trixie has recently come to our attention as another great lighting product. We tried and tested them for a long time before making the decision to add them to our website. We can now safely say that this product is just as good as our Arcadia products and can be used in all previous Arcadia clamps as a direct replacement for Arcadia.

Now, we are not replacing Arcadia indefinitely with Trixie and we do not ask you to do the same. The reason for the switch, is that Arcadia are struggling with the demand for their lighting right now. As soon as they are back on track, they will be our number one product. We will also be keeping hold of Trixie too as we all have our brand preferences and we know you do too. Therefore, we will keep the options open and continue to have both brands available, as long as the supplies are available.


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