Trixie ProSun 70 Watt UV/Basking Bulb and Clamp lamp

Trixie ProSun 70 Watt UV/Basking Bulb and Clamp lamp

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The 14cm Clamp Lamp is fitted with a heat resistant, ceramic lamp holder designed specifically for prolonged use.

The lamp is multi directional and has a heavy gauge, highly reflective aluminium dome to concentrate the heat and UV rays towards your tortoise. The lamp also comes with a detachable protective mesh covering.

The Trixie 70 watt D3 Basking/UV Bulb provides a high output of UVB/UVA which is essential to any and all tortoise’s health and wellbeing. A UV source of this high standard, combined with a healthy fresh diet of weeds and flowers, will prevent disease such as Metabolic Bone Disease.


*Average life: 6000hours*

*E27 Screw Fitting*

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