Tortoise Wormer Plus - 5g packet

Tortoise Wormer Plus - 5g packet

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Tortoise Wormer plus is a Flubendazole-based medication for use against intestinal helminthic worms and external ticks, to help keep your tortoise in tip top condition.

Worms are a fact of life for tortoises; every tortoise carries its own complement of parasitic worms. When in good condition and good health, these worms are not a problem; but as soon as the tortoise is stressed or hibernating, its natural immunity is compromised and internal parasites can take hold. This product will control tapeworms and other helminths, ensuring a successful hibernation.

Tortoise Wormer Plus can be sprinkled onto the tortoise’s food or added to water when bathing. Full instructions can be found on the packet.

*5g packet*

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