Heating & Lighting

Heating & Lighting

*Single bulbs and small items notice*

Due to recent cuts within the company, we are now having to take the post to the nearest post office personally, on foot. This means that where we could normally put 1 or 2 postal items into a sack and have them picked up on our daily collection, we are now going to wait until we have filled a sack or the end of the week before making the trip. Postal orders may only be taken to the post office once a week, Friday.  During busy periods, we will take post to the post office on a daily basis, if need be.

This is now also highlighted in our terms and conditions

Here in this section, you will find all of your tortoise's lighting requirements to live a long and healthy life.

We pride ourselves in being one of only a few suppliers to offer a 12 month warranty on Combination bulbs. That covers their entire lifespan and gives you complete peace of mind (combination bulbs are all of the 70w, 80w and 100w bulbs found on this page)

We only supply quality branded products; all of the lamps, brackets and bulbs are tested and approved by the LA and the UV guide UK. All of our lighting units have ceramic holders designed for heat and prolonged use.

Old prices in grey are based on products bought separately rather then in the set being viewed

FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £20.00 on all items in this category

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