The Tortoise Shop Lighting Bracket (Small)

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The Tortoise Shop Lighting Bracket

The Tortoise Shop adjustable Lighting bracket

Fully adjustable Left to right, up and down

This  versatile lighting bracket, manufactured exclusively for us by Ideal Engineering UK, comes in large (min. height 340mm-max height 390mm)  or small ( min height490mm-max height 540mm) and can be fitted to any tortoise table giving a solid, secure fix for the following dome and clamp systems:

Arcadia 200mm Clamp lamp ( large Bracket)

Arcadia 140mm Clamp Lamp ( small Bracket)

Zoo Med Mini Dome ( Large Bracket )

Exo Terra 140mm Clamp Lamp System ( Small Bracket )

Exo Terra 210mm Clamp Lamp System ( Large Bracket )

Exo Terra 250mmClamp Lamp System ( Large Bracket )

A direct fit between bracket and Lamp, eliminates the need for the ' Spring clamp' system

This quality lighting bracket is made from stainless steel and aluminium billet, making it a perfect choice for tortoise tables, vivarium's, terrariums and other reptile enclosures.

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