Heating & Lighting

Heating & Lighting

Here in this section, you will find all of your tortoise's lighting requirements to live a long and healthy life.

We pride ourselves in being one of only a few suppliers to offer a 12 month warranty on Combination bulbs. That covers their entire lifespan and gives you complete peace of mind (combination bulbs are all of the 70w, 80w and 100w bulbs found on this page)

We only supply quality branded products; all of the lamps, brackets and bulbs are tested and approved by the LA and the UV guide UK. All of our lighting units have ceramic holders designed for heat and prolonged use.

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Types of Lighting:

  •  Incandescent Bulbs

Unlike the humble domestic light bulb most of us are familiar with; incandescent reptile bulbs emit yellow wavelengths from the full colour spectrum. Yellow wave lengths alter the appearance of the reptile to human eye but more importantly, these wave lengths will have a positive effect on how your reptile perceives its environment. 

  • Reptile Basking Lights

This lighting system is used for diurnal (day-active) reptiles, it creates a local warm environment for basking species and provides light & heat which in turn increases the ambient air temperature, this encourages natural thermo-regulatory behaviour. 

  • Lights for Night-time Use ( not recommended for the tortoises available on our site)

This type of bulb simulates natural moonlight to allow nocturnal viewing without affecting your reptiles day and night cycle. The light emitted has a bluish hue due to the use of blue glass. The heat generated by these bulbs is minimal but enough to emulate tropical night time temperatures.   

  • UVB/A Lighting

This kind of lighting provides vitamin D3 for your reptile, sometimes referred to as 'the sunshine vitamin', vitamin-D3 is a fat soluble vitamin which is primarily essential for the absorption and utilisation of calcium as such; it plays a major role in bone formation. It can be obtained artificially or naturally by the action of ultra-violet light from the sun.

Our UVB/A lighting systems emulate the synthesis of light into vital vitamins that your reptile requires for as long as 6 moths up to a year. 
Here at The Tortoise Shop we provide lighting systems for not only tortoises but a wide variety of other reptiles too. 
If you have any uncertainty about which type of lighting system you require, please do not hesitate to contact us via methods listed below and we will be more than happy to assist you.
Tel:  01482 - 22 22 14 
Email: sales@thetortoiseshop.com