The Daisy Tortoise Table

The Daisy Tortoise Table

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Exclusive to The Tortoise Shop! This is our fabulous Daisy tortoise table, it has been designed by us and hand finished by a local company so no two Daisy tables are the same.

The Daisy is made from fibreglass resin and has a plastic base, which has been moulded to fit the unique shaping of the Daisy house.

This table is for indoor use only and includes:

Daisy Tortoise Table (3ftx2ftx2ft) £209.00

Arcadia UVB/UVB 7% compact bulb & bracket £42.00

Arcadia Reflector *no longer supplied, this product has been discontinued *

Basking Lamp & Basking bulb £15.00

Repti Rock Water Tray £8.00

Food Tray £1.50

 2x 1kg Bedding £20.00

Thermometer £10.99

Cuttlefish Bone £1.00

**Some contents may be subject to change based on availability**

Total £307.49

You pay £289.00

Saving £18.49

Delivery £10.95 or collect free of charge!

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