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A complete tortoise table setup providing all that you need from housing and lighting to bedding and dishes.

Our best selling product of 2017. Over 500 sold last year alone.

Our Deluxe Pro includes a Combination lighting set complete with full spectrum basking and UVB/UVA.

This is a handmade product, made from natural pine with a marine ply base, finished to a high standard. The table comes fully assembled, so there’s no messing around trying to put it together yourself. All you need to do is set up the lighting and away you go!

The tortoise table itself measures (30x18x6in) and is for indoor use only. Each table includes:

80 watt/70 watt Combination Bulb (this provides heat and UVA/UVB)

140mm/14cm Clamp Lamp

Tortoise Shop Bracket Small

Combo Water & Food Tray

1kg Bedding

Cuttlefish Bone/Calcium Powder

**Some contents may be subject to change based on availability**

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