Food & Supplements

Food & Supplements

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Postal items are generally posted on Fridays only. Unless we have an increase of postal orders, we may make multiple trips in the week.

This is now also highlighted in our terms and conditions

We always want the best for our family pets and the best in this case is a natural diet along with a little help from a selection of supplements.

Within this category you will find weed and flowers seeds which will allow you to grow your own tortoise food at home, if cultivated correctly you could almost have an endless supply.

You will also find available, a selection of diet supplements including Vitamins & Calcium, which help your pet tortoise build healthy bones and shell, and fight against the signs of MBD.

All food sources on our website are suitable for the Mediterranean breeds.

Old prices in grey are based on products bought separately rather then in the set being viewed

FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £20.00 on all items in this category

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