Here is our selection of accessories! In this section you will find all the extra bits and bobs that aren’t usually included in package deals, from supplements to wormer's and many more in between.

You will now find hides, bridges and logs in 'Other Pet Products'

We are always sourcing and trying out new tortoise products to add to our growing listings, let us know if you have any suggestions for accessories and we’ll be sure to check them out!

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With our propagator pack you will be able to grow your own edible flowers, providing your tortoise w..
Tortoise Wormer plus is a Flubendazole-based medication for use against intestinal helminthic worms ..
No tortoise owner should be without a thermometer!Thermometers are useful for many purposes; from da..
It is important for your tortoise to have access to fresh clean water all day, every day. The ZooMe..
It is important for your tortoise to have access to fresh clean water all day, every day.The ZooMed ..
ZooMed Repti Rock Combo Water And Food DishesA food and water dish combo that "nests" together for c..
ProRep's Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Wipes are a highly effective sanitising and cleaning produc..
ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel protects against cross contamination and spread of disease between anima..
The ProTect Ultimate Disinfectant is specially developed for use in tortoise enclosures (and all oth..
Natural living bridge will give your tortoise table a rustic feel.This flexible bridge allows your t..
A small hide, suitable for indoor tortoise tables.Only suitable for baby tortoises and small furries..
Trixie Reptile Cave 25cm suitable for reptiles, rabbits and rodentsideal place to retreatideal for c..
A blend of Nutritious flowers with bee pollen for optimum nutrition for plant eating reptiles.This m..
For use with all vegetarian and omnivorous speciesA full spectrum and potent dietary supplement spri..
Reptavite is a high quality broad spectrum vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement formulated spe..
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