The Tortoise Shop 40watt  Basking Lamp & Bulb Pack DISCONTINUED

The Tortoise Shop 40watt Basking Lamp & Bulb Pack DISCONTINUED

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Product Code: The Tortoise Shop Basking Lamp & Bulb Pack
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Our Basking Lamp is often compared to a desk lamp; however this is no ordinary desk lamp. All Tortoise Shop Basking Lamps are manufactured or retrofitted with high quality, heat resistant ceramic lamp holders which are designed specifically for prolonged use.

Using an inferior basking lamp could result in overheating and premature failure.

The reflector spot bulbs are increasingly difficult to find. The Tortoise Shop are pleased to say that we have managed to secure a long term supply of the R63, 40watt, E27 Screw Fit bulbs so you can provide a constant heat source for your tortoise.

*10 X 40watt Reflector Basking Spot bulbs*

*Lamp colour may vary*

*E27 Screw Fitting*

Most reptiles require high quality and appropriate lighting to meet a number of different metabolic needs in order to emulate natural conditions present in the wild, tortoises are certainly no exception to the rule because each species of tortoise  require their own specific lighting system to help generate temperatures of up to 32 -34C. or 90F

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