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With our propagator pack you will be able to grow your own edible flowers, providing your tortoise with the fresh natural diet that they deserve (and will love!)

We know it can sometimes be difficult to source wild natural weeds to feed your tortoise depending on weather situations, the seasons and even your location. We decided to create our own propagator pack so you can grow tortoise friendly flowers, quickly and efficiently in the comfort of your own home.

Our Propagator Pack includes;

  • Propagator
  • 6 x 3" planting pots
  • 2 Litre bag of soil or Coco Coir
  • 1 pack of Coleus Rainbow mix (100 seeds)
Coleus is a completely safe to feed perennial, which can be sown all year round in your propagator;
  • Fill each pot with soil
  • Place all 6 pots inside your propagator tray (or as many as you wish to add or remove)
  • Dampen your soil with tap water
  • Place one seed in each pot, on top of the soil. Do not cover
  • Place your clear propagator lid securely on top
  • The valve is to help control humidity, you can leave this closed to keep the soil moist and open when completely damp.
  • Remove the lid as soon as seedlings appear
  • Once your seedlings grow to a substantial size, you can transplant them into a larger pot
Once the plant is fully established, it can be kept as a houseplant or on a sunny patio

This pack is built to be used time and time again!

Keep an eye on our blog page, as I am currently growing these myself and will be posting a time lapse, as they grow Coleus Seed Progress

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