Arcadia 10% UVB/A Compact Bulb

Arcadia 10% UVB/A Compact Bulb

Brand: Arcadia
Product Code: ARC8
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Arcadia is the UK’s number one reptile lighting supplier, and the world’s most advanced reptile lighting company. Their products have an unparalleled reputation for design, performance and quality.

The Arcadia UVB/A Compact Bulb provides a high output of UVB/UVA which is essential to any and all tortoise’s health and wellbeing. A UV source of this high standard, combined with a healthy fresh diet of weeds and flowers, will prevent disease such as Metabolic Bone Disease.

This bulb needs to be changed every 6-12 months depending on the usage.

*Wattage: 23watts*

*E27 Screw Fitting*

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