Reptile Systems D3 80 Watt UV/Basking Bulb

Reptile Systems D3 80 Watt UV/Basking Bulb

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The Reptile Systems range of mercury vapour bulbs provide a great source of UVA and UVB to aid in your tortoise's development and growth.

These bulbs are designed to reach 35 degrees when kept at room temperature (20-25 degrees). Please read instructions provided in the box for distance and positioning.

The bulb needs to be completely vertical and must never be tilted. Any angles or hard knocks can unbalance the mercury vapour.

As with all mercury vapour bulbs, these cannot be used with thermostats.

  • Average life 6000 hours
  • No external ballast required
  • 12 month warranty
  • Detailed instruction sheet included
  • E27 screw fitting (fits all clamp lamps on our website)

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