ProTect/ProRep Tortoise Hygeine Kit DISCONTINUED

ProTect/ProRep Tortoise Hygeine Kit DISCONTINUED

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ProTect/ProReo Tortoise Hygeine Kit

Pack includes:

  • ProTect/ProRep Vivarium Cleaner
  • ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel
  • Pack of ProTect 50 Anti-Bacterial Anti-Viral Wipes
  • ProTect Hand Sanitiser Spray Pen

ProRep have come up with a fantastic collection of cleaning products specically designed for reptiles. The Vivarium cleaner is a safe method of disinfecting your tortoise table during your full clean out. The wipes can be used on most surfaces to ensure that your tortoise's living space stays clean, fresh and free from bacteria. The Gel and Spray pen are perfect for those moments when you or your children want to handle your tortoise and get straight on with other things.

These products not only protect you from common sickness associated with most pets, but also cover any viruses that can be passed from one tortoise to another.

Stay safe.

*Product labels may vary, but will always be ProRep*

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