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Pre Order Terms and Conditions

By: Natalie Times Read: 371
Pre Order Terms and Conditions
The waiting list were given first notice and will have a head start on buying

Once the pre orders are live on the website, all tortoises and packages are available to anyone on a first come first serve basis

Tortoises or Packages must be purchased in full to reserve that tortoise for yourself.

If you choose the delivery option, you will be charged for the delivery, at the time of ordering. (this can be refunded if you choose to collect or cancel your order)

Should you change your mind between waiting for the eggs to hatch and booking delivery, you will be able to request a full refund, with no added charges of fees for cancellation.

We do not have dates for availability, the eggs hatch when they are ready and the rest of the wait time is in the hands of APHA. We cannot ask them to put a rush on, this is their busiest time of the year too.
You can find our pre orders in the Shop categories Tortoise Packages and Tortoises for Sale