Other Pet Products

Other pet products does not only cover reptiles, but some furry pets too.

Some products in this category will be suitable for tortoises, however, most will not.

Each product will be specified suitable for tortoises either in the individual product title and/or description.

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This handy little transport box is suitable for young/dwarf tortoises. Please check the inner measur..
This handy transport box should be suitable for average sized adult tortoises of the Mediterranean a..
This handy transport box will be suitable for most tortoise species of varying sizes. Please check t..
Natura Tortoise/Hedgehog HotelMade of glazed pineYear-round shelter in the gardenlabyrinth entrance ..
ProRep's Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Wipes are a highly effective sanitising and cleaning produc..
ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel protects against cross contamination and spread of disease between anima..
The ProTect Ultimate Disinfectant is specially developed for use in tortoise enclosures (and all oth..
Natural living bridge will give your tortoise table a rustic feel.This flexible bridge allows your t..
A small hide, suitable for indoor tortoise tables.Only suitable for baby tortoises and small furries..
Trixie Reptile Cave 25cm suitable for reptiles, rabbits and rodentsideal place to retreatideal for c..
Reptavite is a high quality broad spectrum vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement formulated spe..
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