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New Beginnings

By: Natalie Times Read: 736
New Beginnings

Friday 5th March

Not Covid related, but still an important update. The company we now share a building with are having their concrete floors redone from Monday 8th March. This blocks access to our packing boxes and all of our products. We will continue to process orders that come in over this period, as we need to process them as we print them. This will help us prep and be ready for when we regain access. Please bear in mind that processing your order does not mean it is leaving us, it is just a means to say we have your order and will pack and ship it as soon as we can.

Monday 15th February

As you may be aware, we took some time last week to move properties. Although, we knew this was coming, we were not aware how soon, and how rushed it was going to become. Although we were aware it was going to be tough, as downsizing a growing business always will be, we weren't quite expecting to have to do it, whilst still trying to get your orders out on time. Without a shutdown to get prepared and settled, the move has been absolute hell and nothing has gone as planned. Our tortoises are our main priority at this moment in time, if you receive more delays or a delivery date change, please be aware that this is because it is best for the tortoises. Gemma and I will continue to put as much as we can into getting your orders to you as fast as possible. Please be aware that, although, we are doing our best, we are only human and some orders may be delayed or cancelled, if we feel we cannot fulfil your order in a suitable timescale. 

We do not currently have our phones working and are working on terrible/far away WiFi, please bear with us, whilst we wait for these things to get connected/fixed.

We'd like to thank you for your continued patience, with everything we've been through over the last year. Covid has made things tough for everyone, but we are thankful to have such an understanding customer base, who support us no matter what. Here's hoping we won't be playing catch up for much longer.