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Meet the Team

Well what can I say about the people who work at the tortoise shop, other than they love their jobs !

As with every good company we would be nothing without great staff. We all have our own areas of expertise which when put together creates a lovely, friendly and knowledgeable service for our customers.

Should you have questions about your tortoise or make an enquiry about a delivery / order then would either contact to Janine or Natalie, for lighting and electrical advice you would contact Terry.

Hello I am Terry


Warehouse Dept :

I joined company in 2006

I'm married to Diane and we have two grown sons who are never going to leaving home it


If you need anything boxing or despaWarehouse Dept :

I joined company in 2006

If you need anything boxing or despatching then I’m your man.

As you can see, I like lots of cups of tea !!

Hello I am Natalie


Social Media Dept :

I joined the company in 2010 after completing my work experience, my tortoise is called

Alfie and she is a Hermanns

I deal with Facebook and the Website Blogs

I am now back part time after having my son Vincent who is now 2!!

I have also just got engaged to Dave.

Hello I am Janine


Office/ Tortoise dept:I have been with the company from the start.(now I'm showing my age !)

I'm married to Norman and we have a daughter KateMy tortoise is called Oscar who now owns my conservatory and who really rules our household.

My main is the husbandry of the tortoises, bathing, feeding etc.

As well as the day to day business in the office I share the office with my partner in crime Gemma;  although I have been caught on more than one occasion dancing on the webcam!

Hello I am Gemma


Office/tortoises dept :

I started with the tortoise shop in November 2013

I live at home with my parents and sister Jasmine and have two cats Jack and kit-cat

I share the office with Janine. We are a tag team answering the phone calls, processing orders etc

I have a BETC in animal management.

I’m totally accident prone and can trip over fresh air!!!