Marginated Tortoise For Sale

Marginated Tortoise For Sale

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The Marginated are a great starter tortoise, they are a Mediterranean tortoise.

These tortoises are our 2017 babies !!

Marginated are a friendly breed of tortoise, that have beautifully marked shells. During the summer months they would very much enjoy being outside, basking in the natural sunlight.

As with all tortoises temperature is key to your tortoise health, along with a good natural diet. All cold blooded reptiles require heat to survive.

*Our tortoises are UK Captive Bred*

Important Notice

Please be aware that it is essential for a tortoise to have access to UV light all year round for the growth of their shell and bones. They especially need it during the winter months when they are no longer able to go outside and in the first 12 months when they will not hibernate.

This species needs to hibernate. Do Not hibernate during the first winter of ownership.


We are proud to offer a 2 month  guarantee on all or our tortoises. (More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions)

You also receive free access to our advice membership, you can call/email and even PM us on Facebook at any time for help and advice.

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