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laura smith, Exeter

I am in love with my 2 babies Joel and Nicole! They are the cutest little things ever. The whole process from ordering the babies to them being delivered was second to none! Absolutely amazing!!! I ordered the large deluxe set up plus an extra tortoise .I got a phone call from them on Monday to ask if Thursday would be a good date for them to be delivered. Well last night i get a phone call from the courier stating he would deliver them at about 9am ( and i'm in Devon) so i was really impressed with that! The delivery driver was extremely friendly and took care handing my the boxes. When i opened the box the 2 of them seemed very happy and well packaged, i gave them a bath to warm up while i set up their table and they were soon very active. They had a lovely feed on dandelions before exploring their new home. I must say they are very inquisitive and they certainly like to climb. What i also like is that i was sent 2 tortoises that you can tell apart !! I would definitely recommend.