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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

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Bev Buckenham, St Neots

I would like to make a comment on the continuing support that you get from The Tortoise Shop. I bought my first horsfield tortoise Tommy in May 2014, unfortunately he only lived until the February 2015. I had contacted The Tortoise Shop when I thought he was not right and they reassured me, but unfortunately he still died. I contacted The Tortoise Shop asking if they had an older tortoise as I thought i’d be better with an older one, they had a chat with me and told me that I was just very unfortunate in loosing Tommy. They urged me to have another baby tortoise and see how it went. I got Tommy Two in February 2015 and three and a half years later and we are doing really well together. I have contacted The Tortoise Shop several times with small problems like the first Hibernation, which we survived, the big question of the right light bulbs which had changed, the lamp which stopped working, and just recently again the right bulbs which had changed again. You are never made to feel a nuisance, and the advice is brilliant. It’s such a good service. Well Done The Tortoise Shop.