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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

To send us a comment please click the write testimonial button below. This form is just for general comments, not requiring a reply. For all sales enquiries, help or advice, please email us through the contact us page.

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Shelley Seymour, Nottingham

We have now had Bertie and Lilly for 24 days they are adorable and so funny. They have all ready given us hours of entertainment. Thank you so much my Daughter and Granddaughter are over the moon.

Carol, S E London

I had to buy a new fridge to hibernate my Horsfield this year. I splashed out on a pharmaceutical fridge. Expensive yes, but the other cheap one only lasted for two seasons. It's compact,quiet and keeps the temperature dead steady. Brilliant

Alex and Marie Colne, Lancashire

SCSI our little Marginated arrived yesterday (10th May). She arrived happy and lively and was adventurous strait away. She was instantly friendly and loves climbing on people. We are happy with the service provided by TTS and would recommend getting a tortoise from them to anyone. Thank you very much!

Bill Greece,

This is the best shop ever.I have 7 years of expirince.

Aimee Le Gallez, Swindon, Wiltshire

I bought my Horsefield from you two years ago this month. Tellulla is a very happy, lively climber! Thanks for a wonderful pet :-) x

Reece, Devon

love the tortoise he is the best we could of ever hoped for he is doing fine after a year in his nice new home!!!! THANK YOU!!!!1

Karin Kenny, Warwick

Had George the Hermann (2009 hatchling) for 2 weeks now and he is amazing. Healthy, lively with a beautiful shell. Staff always responded promtly to my questions via email with was great being a beginer to torts. Highly recommend The Tortoise Shop!

Donna Wellen, Near Stamford

Just a quick note to say thankyou very much, Shelly And Daisy love their outdoor enclosure and can now spend an hour or so at the moment roaming their new home in the sunshine xx

Samantha Herbertson, Northumberland

I have had my two tortoise's for 2 years from you with there Daisy housing that is loved. They are better than I could every of hoped for healthy and happy, I have and will recommend you to everyone x Best wishes and Many thanks x

Courtney, Richmondshire

thank you so much for all ur info ! i was worried at 1st because i didnt no much about tortoises and now i no as much as i need to ! this website was amazing help xxxx