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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

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Christine Mcglone, Hull

thank you to the lovely young lady who gave me some great advice on hibernation and other tips for my little hermans, thanks again

George Hodge, south ockendon, essex

our little marginated tortoise is still lovely and loves his lettuce and dried flowers so ty the tortoise will be back in july to buy another tortoise from u

lauren, bedfordshire

after debating with my family to allow me to get a tortoise, they finally came round to loving him, hes like a new member to our family :), he has been able to settle down quickly and loves to munch away through his food thank you and will highly recommend these lovely people! xx <3

Maisie, Hertfordshire

Turbo is my first Hermann tortoise which arrived on my 15th birthday, this February. It is a juvenile, loves to dig and climb around its indoor table and bathe in the sink. Turbo is quite a character and is very popular with my friends and family. Also tortoises as pets are very easy to look after and I would definitely recommend getting a tortoise from the tortoise shop as they give excellent advise and service like no other! Thanks :)

Mitchell Smith, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hi there, many thanks from me and my tortoise fred, having a great time and having fun with him I'm every day!

Jonathan Page, Howden East Yorkshire

Very helpful staff and an excellent website. Frank joined me a month ago (my 3-4 month old marginated) and has settled in great. Just ordered another as company for him. The Tortoise Shop is great!

Freya (9 years old), Whitstable,Kent.

My lovely Marginated hatchling tortoise arrived 21/12/11.I named her Dandelion. Already she is so adventurous.THANK YOU Tortoise Shop.

Kayleigh, Glastonbury

hi i have just brought my 1st tortoise and i am hopeing to have many joyfull years with my new tortoise! thanks torotoise shop i cant wait to get my little friend!

katrina Milnthorpe, Cumbria

We got a lovely marginated tortoise off you and it is lovely it is growing nicely its still tiny as it was only born july. But it follows its friends around and will now eat out of your hand.

Duncan Hanning and family ,

T. Horsefield (Sherman) arrived on 28th April 2011 for my surprise birthday present. Already it's the family's favourite. It's very determined and fearless. Now lets us handle it without flinching or fussing. Enthusiastically devours dandelion, plantain, chicory, clover, lettuce and vetch (when I can find it!). Sulks however on fasting days. Has the (supervised) run of our conservatory and if it ever gets warm enough it'll go out into the garden. Can't wait till it's old enough to determine if it's a boy or a girl. (I'm betting on a girl, because of the flat plastron and wee tail?) Well done TTS our little hero is a credit to you.