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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

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Daisy-may ,

Thank you so much for my baba tortoise he is a very cute marginated tortoise I love him and so dose everyone else another thank you from me and my little Dexter the tortoise

Lisa Jenkins, Gwynedd, Wales

Our little pipsy arrived this morning not seeming distressed in any way from his trip. He is sooooooo cute and looks right at us, already clearly tame and confident. He's had a little bath, explored his new home, has some watercress and is now basking under his lamp :) Thank you so much! My daughter loves him.

Michelle ,

hi the tortoise shop my 8yr old daughters tortoise was delivered yesterday (we got the horsefield, starter table & run..... full set) i couldnt log in so had to redo my account!!! just wanted to say a big thank you, my daughters face when she opened the box was priceless !!! are tortoise is called 'lightning' she/he is settening in nicely. thank you again michelle glascott

Yvonne Wood, Worstead, Norfolk

on just arrived none the worse for his big lorry trip,had a bath and a bask now chomping his way through some fresh,baby dandelion. He is absolutely gorgeous - thankyou so much. You are always highly recommended xx


my first ever tortoise arrived very safe and sound and after having its little bath and going into its new home it hasn't stopped touring around and explored all its items in its home and eaten and basked under its light and is one happy baby marginated tortoise..a big thankyou to the tortoise shop for sll the fast help and advice i hope to get another next year to be a companion .thankyou all

Marie Nock, Newcastle Upon Tyne

thank you for our new russian tortoise he is lovely i will send a picture and name 2morrow

Callum, Coventry

I have justed taken delivery of "Charlie" - he is wicked and lives in my bedroom.....the service that we received has been great and would recommend them to everyone....Thank you sooooo much!

Suze Quinn, Norfolk

I just wanted to say Thank You for your brilliant advice for hibernation in the fridge. My tortoise has come through and woke up really well. I was getting really anxious but your clear instructions really made a difference. Thanks from me and Bertie, our tortoise x

Lisa, Northampton

love the new arrivel.would recommoned to everyone

Jonathan Hill , Bolton, Lancs

Thanks to The Tortoise Shop for our beautiful baby Hermann that arrived last Wednesday. He even ate straight from my fingers after I had bathed him! I have kept him well hidden in my son\'s wardrobe until today (Christmas Day). The look of surprise on her face when she saw it will stay with me forever! Thanks for your help and advice. Will no doubt use your services again.