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Helen Greenock,

Hi received my wee Horsefield Tortoise and he/she is the most adorable wee thing ever.Took a wee while to eat now it eats like a horse lol. My poor cat doesnt know what to make of it. He/she is a wee joy to have

Sally ,

I bought a marginated tortoise 'christmas pack no.6' from you in December and you delivered him & the kit to me in time for my husbands christmas present - we are based in Manchester. Just wanted to say that he is absolutely adorable (the tortoise that is!)he is hugely loved, extremely friendly and very funny. Can't believe that a tortoise who we have named Norman could be so distracting!! Huge thanks, Sally

Tristan & Louise, Farnborough

I just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff at TTS, you were very patient with all the phone calls!! I am totally in love with my tortoise all thank to you.

Hatim Noorbhai, Reading

A quick note to thank you for my lovely new Horsefield Tortoise. He arrived on time, and was very alert and active! He's had a bath, and is now settled in to his new home - he is even chomping on watercress by hand! People are quick to complain, but never quick to compliment - the customer service has been excellent! Thanks very much, Hatim

Catherine Wylie ,

HI I recently spoke to Janine re my Horsefield as I was concerned that he was not eating. I have been following Janine's advice and I am very pleased to say that now a few days a week 'Humphrey' chomps into something tasty and seems to be back on track in that way. He has however developed an eye problem. There is no discharge or swelling noticeable he just seems reluctant to open it, although it opens very slightly when he has been up and walking about for a while. Just wondered if this is anything to be concerned about. Also please can i ask another two questions: do you know of any vets expert in tortoise care - we have an excellent vet for our other animals but he does not appear to know about tortoises - we live in LIncolnshire - or, is there a local list of vets with this expertise we can access. secondly - have you ever thought of providing workshops on tortoise care. There is so much conflicting information around and so many questions to be asked and I would certainly find a half day or even full day workshop very valuable, as I am sure others would. Just a thought! Many thanks Catherine Wylie [signed up for advice service last month]

Trudy Urquart ,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff at The Tortoise Shop for the excellent customer service. After finding my baby Tunisian tortoise dead the other week and calling them in a distressed state the staff were very helpful and offered loads of sympathy. Also because I had my tortoise less than a year they replaced her within a week. Pebbles will never be replaced but having Twinkle has made it a little easier. Thanks again The Tortoise Shop u r amazing :-))) xx

gill , essex

hi just phoned re my tortoise homer, thanks for all your advise re hibernating put my mind at rest, have stopped panicking its his first hibernation, so want to get it right for him, thanks again homers mum : )

Daisy-may ,

Thank you so much for my baba tortoise he is a very cute marginated tortoise I love him and so dose everyone else another thank you from me and my little Dexter the tortoise

Lisa Jenkins, Gwynedd, Wales

Our little pipsy arrived this morning not seeming distressed in any way from his trip. He is sooooooo cute and looks right at us, already clearly tame and confident. He's had a little bath, explored his new home, has some watercress and is now basking under his lamp :) Thank you so much! My daughter loves him.

Michelle ,

hi the tortoise shop my 8yr old daughters tortoise was delivered yesterday (we got the horsefield, starter table & run..... full set) i couldnt log in so had to redo my account!!! just wanted to say a big thank you, my daughters face when she opened the box was priceless !!! are tortoise is called 'lightning' she/he is settening in nicely. thank you again michelle glascott