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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

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Amanda , Sudbury

My son has been after a tortoise for sometime. He saved all his Christmas, birthday and "jobs" money only spending the odd few pounds to buy a book on tortoises. It was just after his 12th birthday when he announced that he had enough money to buy a tortoise and the set up needed. We didn't agree straight away, I needed to do some research too! To be honest, I wasn't sure about buying a tortoise online, but after reading reviews and talking to The Tortoise Shop (who were very friendly and full of advice ) it helped me to make my decision. I placed the order online for our Horsfield Package Deal 2 on Good Friday, we got a phone call on the Tuesday to arrange delivery, and "Bruce" arrived on Wednesday morning all safely sleeping in his little box. We are all so very pleased with him, he is very entertaining to watch, and my son has been outstanding with him; I knew he would be :)

fiona simpson, mauchline

My new addition, Bullet, has just arrived. A 50th birthday present form my partner. I have wanted a tortoise for 40 years and this wee guy is everything I had hoped he would be. The service is second to none. I got the horsfield super saver deal and it comes with everything you need to get started. I placed a second order for the uva lamp the day after and asked for it to be added - no problem everything arrived in the one box, on time and with no problems. Dont be fooled by the "Super Saver Deal" heading - they are top quality products, the table is very substantial and well built, the leaflet is very informative for "newbies" like me. Bullet is happily basking, the only thing missing from the order was a pair of sunglasses for him!!!

Michelle, Northamptonshire

Herbert our little marinated torti Just a little note to say thankyou for our little herbi,He is lovely and facinating to watch,Hopefully we will be able to get him a little friend later on in the year.

Helen Greenock,

Hi received my wee Horsefield Tortoise and he/she is the most adorable wee thing ever.Took a wee while to eat now it eats like a horse lol. My poor cat doesnt know what to make of it. He/she is a wee joy to have

Sally ,

I bought a marginated tortoise 'christmas pack no.6' from you in December and you delivered him & the kit to me in time for my husbands christmas present - we are based in Manchester. Just wanted to say that he is absolutely adorable (the tortoise that is!)he is hugely loved, extremely friendly and very funny. Can't believe that a tortoise who we have named Norman could be so distracting!! Huge thanks, Sally

Tristan & Louise, Farnborough

I just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff at TTS, you were very patient with all the phone calls!! I am totally in love with my tortoise all thank to you.

Hatim Noorbhai, Reading

A quick note to thank you for my lovely new Horsefield Tortoise. He arrived on time, and was very alert and active! He's had a bath, and is now settled in to his new home - he is even chomping on watercress by hand! People are quick to complain, but never quick to compliment - the customer service has been excellent! Thanks very much, Hatim

Catherine Wylie ,

HI I recently spoke to Janine re my Horsefield as I was concerned that he was not eating. I have been following Janine's advice and I am very pleased to say that now a few days a week 'Humphrey' chomps into something tasty and seems to be back on track in that way. He has however developed an eye problem. There is no discharge or swelling noticeable he just seems reluctant to open it, although it opens very slightly when he has been up and walking about for a while. Just wondered if this is anything to be concerned about. Also please can i ask another two questions: do you know of any vets expert in tortoise care - we have an excellent vet for our other animals but he does not appear to know about tortoises - we live in LIncolnshire - or, is there a local list of vets with this expertise we can access. secondly - have you ever thought of providing workshops on tortoise care. There is so much conflicting information around and so many questions to be asked and I would certainly find a half day or even full day workshop very valuable, as I am sure others would. Just a thought! Many thanks Catherine Wylie [signed up for advice service last month]

Trudy Urquart ,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff at The Tortoise Shop for the excellent customer service. After finding my baby Tunisian tortoise dead the other week and calling them in a distressed state the staff were very helpful and offered loads of sympathy. Also because I had my tortoise less than a year they replaced her within a week. Pebbles will never be replaced but having Twinkle has made it a little easier. Thanks again The Tortoise Shop u r amazing :-))) xx

gill , essex

hi just phoned re my tortoise homer, thanks for all your advise re hibernating put my mind at rest, have stopped panicking its his first hibernation, so want to get it right for him, thanks again homers mum : )