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Kate, Blackburn

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the efficient and professional response to my enquires. Ted the tortoise has settled into our classroom very well. He arrived on time and was safely packaged. The children adore him and he is very entertaining. Thank you again!


Thank you for the beautiful tortoise, he/she is lovely, the children in our class think he's great and he seems to have made friends with our current tortoise too. Thank you again so much, Kate

Tracey Pavitt ,

I just wanted to say thank you for such clear and straightforward information. I have had my Iberia tortoises for 3 years and have been given different advice by vets and by shops.... I felt I just couldn't get anything right and regretted ever buying them until recently. I feel I am finally getting to grips with what is needed for them, I just hope they have not suffered too much with all the conflicting methods and approaches. All I want is to do the right thing!

Olivia & Duncan, Livingston

Our Horsefield 'Sherman' has been with us for three years now. He's been hibernated twice (most recently for eight weeks) with absolutely no problems whatsoever. He currently weighs 360g. We went through a phase when he had a fixation for garden peas and refused all other foods. We battled through that and now he'll happily eat dandelion, 'little gem' and Romaine lettuce. I'm also growing a tortoise seed mixture to keep him on the right food base. He's quite a character, willfull, determined and fearless. He will persist however in swallowing stones when he's put in the garden. The Vet said not to worry what goes in one end eventually appears again at the other end! Can't remember now what life was like without a tortoise galloping around the conservatory!

Tracey, Manchester

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for our adorable tortoise, my little girl is absolutly delighted with him and has named him Marmalade... i also think i may be ordering another one very soon : ) ...if your reading thinking of ordering...these guys are fab, straight forward, safe delivery and beautiful tortoises...thankyou very much

M Teleki, Shrewsbury

My beautiful little Horsfield Tortoise arrived this morning and being a first time tortoise owner I was a little nervous about setting up by the instructions included the care booklet have really helped! Little Kató is nicely settled in and wandering around the table, taking great interest in the cuttlefish! My Mother who wasn't too keen on having a tortoise has been won over completely. Thank you so much for such fantastic service and extremely quick delivery, the quick answering to my questions has out me totally at ease and I'm sure in the future if I need any help I'll be sorted in no time. Would definitely recommend!


Hi, I wanted to drop you a line to say how happy we are with the new additions to our family, we love them so much and can't believe how much you can fall in love with such little creatures! The service you provided was excellent and we would Recommend you to anyone! We have a question though, would you be able to tell us how old our tortoises (tommy and Rosie :)) are? Thanks again for everything, Julian, Kate, Ellie and Lucy.

Heather Mears, Dorset

I just wanted to say thank you for the detailed hibernation advice you have available, its the first time we have put our tortoise to bed, and reading all your advice helped no end it made me a little less terrified, Eddie is now sleeping soundly in the fridge, though cant wait for him to wake up! and yes i will be following your advice on wake up!

Derek ,

The cutest thing EVER arrived on Tuesday 17th Dec 2013 at 12:10. He was so shy at first but 3 days later he is showing of his funny little personality climbing up things, and having his first poo in his water! He is the smallest cutest thing ever and couldn't ask for anything better. The deluxe table I bought was also amazing quality, and all the lights are good quality, with the basking bulb only 40 watts and the UV/UVA bulb only 27 Watts so its not too much energy! The table quality build is excellent and is one of the best built things I have seen in a long time, and it comes ready built, with the who set up ready within 5 minutes which is excellent when all you want to do is spend time with your tortoise! My marginated is a He until he is old enough to find out for sure, however the bow on his shell makes me think he will be a girl!!

M Barber ,

Hi Janine, Just a little note to thank you for organising that for me at such short notice yesterday. The little tortoise arrived safe and warm this morning to a very happy and surprised girlfriend. The little tortoise is now asleep on the sofa with Lauren all cosy and warm. Thanks for all your help. Best, Max