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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

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Helen gardner, LECHLADE on thames

We received our horsfield tortoise 3 weeks ago, the kids have named it waffle (his markings look like a toasted waffle!!). He has become part of the family, great to watch with a lovely temperament. Loves his daily bath and his food!! We are growing tortoise food from seeds and the kids love it. A fantastic pet, an unusual pet that people are fascinated to see. We got one of the starter packs so came with everything, easy to set up and start. Would recommend the tortoise shop, great help and advice whilst we're thinking about this and great communication with the delivery. Looking forward to many happy years with waffle. Many thanks The Gardner family Xxx

Jim Stray, Castlewellan

Following ordering two hatchlings from the Tortoise Shop they arrived on Wednesday and my wife is delighted. Despite the journey from Hull to Northern Ireland I am sure it will take a while for them to settle in their new surroundings (Home made tortoise table made from a set of drawers). My wife loves giving them their daily bath and is fascinated watching them, at least she is leaving me alone now. They were bought as a birthday present but arrived after that date but all is forgiven now with her two new babies settling in. My thanks to the Staff of the Tortoise Shop especially Gemma and Janine who kept me well informed and were always very polite when I rang or e-mailed. Sept 2014

Dan, Durham

I just want to leave a message to say a HUGE thank you to Gemma and everyone at the Tortoise Shop for my new little one 'Tyler". He arrive safely around 10:00am, he was a little shy but he had a nice warm bath and some food and settled right in. He is such a little charmer! Full of personality and so so cute! He's completely won over all my family and friends who think he is just the best! Also, with me not owning a Tortoise before, I'm always worried and concerned about the least little thing and have so many questions which The Tortoise Shop are always on hand to help and offer great advice! Thanks again to everyone at TTS!

Vicky Dale Filey, North Yorkshire

Thank you. We picked up our 2 Horsfield tortoises from you on Wednesday. They are so adorable. They are settling in nicely. Easy to see who is who as they are different coloured shells. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Our Family are also considering amount getting a tortoise from here. I would recommend this seller to anyone, because it's obvious they really care for these little tortoises.


Just like to thank you guys, (Gemma?) for sorting out our little tortoise "Matilda" that we collected along with her new home on Monday! she has settled straight in already, taking herself to bed in the evening even before the lights go out, (on a timer for 10 hrs a day) and up and looking out of her bedroom as soon as they came on. She had her bath on arrival home, and then went in her new home, eating almost straight away from the fresh Rocket and dandelions we had for her:-) Very pleased with her!

Bella, London

Hi, my tortoise Billy has been with me for 2 and a half years now and he is well and growing fast. When I got him from you, you gave me all the information and everything I needed.Your leaflets reassured me about everything new tortoise owners worry about.I thought the service was so good that I have just ordered another one from you. I love your shop because it seems to really care about all the tortoises that you produce and you gave Billy the best start in life, thank you.

Kate, Blackburn

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the efficient and professional response to my enquires. Ted the tortoise has settled into our classroom very well. He arrived on time and was safely packaged. The children adore him and he is very entertaining. Thank you again!


Thank you for the beautiful tortoise, he/she is lovely, the children in our class think he's great and he seems to have made friends with our current tortoise too. Thank you again so much, Kate

Tracey Pavitt ,

I just wanted to say thank you for such clear and straightforward information. I have had my Iberia tortoises for 3 years and have been given different advice by vets and by shops.... I felt I just couldn't get anything right and regretted ever buying them until recently. I feel I am finally getting to grips with what is needed for them, I just hope they have not suffered too much with all the conflicting methods and approaches. All I want is to do the right thing!

Olivia & Duncan, Livingston

Our Horsefield 'Sherman' has been with us for three years now. He's been hibernated twice (most recently for eight weeks) with absolutely no problems whatsoever. He currently weighs 360g. We went through a phase when he had a fixation for garden peas and refused all other foods. We battled through that and now he'll happily eat dandelion, 'little gem' and Romaine lettuce. I'm also growing a tortoise seed mixture to keep him on the right food base. He's quite a character, willfull, determined and fearless. He will persist however in swallowing stones when he's put in the garden. The Vet said not to worry what goes in one end eventually appears again at the other end! Can't remember now what life was like without a tortoise galloping around the conservatory!