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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

To send us a comment please click the write testimonial button below. This form is just for general comments, not requiring a reply. For all sales enquiries, help or advice, please email us through the contact us page.

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Vicky , Brighouse

A massive thank you for the excellent service. We have now had Aragorn, for just over a week and has settled in to our family so quickly. He is loving to climb, and scratch around, much to the cats amusement. He is such a little character and we are so pleased to have him in our home.

Marie Saunders , Hull

Excellent service. Will be shopping with you again.

Marie, Aberdeenshire

Both our torts died coming out of hibernation this year and I was very nervous about getting another. After several long chats with Gemma and the team we bought a Marginated. Bimble arrived safe and well with Steve the animal courier who braved the storms to bring "her" to the North East of Scotland. We couldn't believe how small she was. She has settled in well, loves eating dandelions which have just started to appear in our garden and watercress which is her favourite, she also attacks her cuttlefish bones with so much gusto for such a little beastie. When her light goes off at night she buries herself in to the warm substrate and goes to sleep. We really love watching her and she is slowly getting used to all the different noises and our voices but she is still a little nervous about being touched or bathed. Thank you all at the Tort shop once again.

Irene Nowakowski , Sheffield

Our tortoises Agnes and Clyde have had their first taste of the outside world. Natural sunlight, warmth and fresh air. Didn't leave them out for long, but we think they enjoyed the taster session. Roll on the warm weather, can't wait to see them having a good time.

Irene , Sheffield

Thank you to all at the Tortoiseshop. Couldn't get down this time from Sheffield to pick up our second tortoise to join Agnes that we fetched ourselfs from you, so had her/him delivered my the animal courier that you use. I was I little worried about this but I needn't have been. The courier (Steve) was so kind and thoughtful and he delivered our little man safely. He/her is absolutely beautiful and is so tiny when put her/him at the side of Agnes, whom we have had now for just over three weeks and doing extremely well. This little man is so active and within 15mins in the tortoise house had already ate. Now when the lights went out at 6pm they both toggled of together and are now snuggled up to each other in their little bedroom under their tea towel. Big thank you again. Irene/Ron. ( proud tortoise owners)

Isabella Chapman, Newark

Since I got Jasmine which was 9/01/15 she has been quite good eating her food and having lots of baths. I didnt realise this at first but she has little paches on her legs, she loves to dig to get to sleep and loves to nibble and scrape her claws on the cuttlefish bone, I loved the advice that they gave me about tortoises so now hopefully Jasmine should live a happy life with me, I always wanted a tortoise since about july time but had to wait over christmas so I could get my birthday money towards it! Thanks again, I now know where to get my other stuff from!

Irene, Sheffield

Today the 23rd January 2015 we travelled to The Tortoise Shop to collect our baby from Sheffield. After carefully choosing ours she was carefully packed for her travel back to Sheffield. Wow, she has settled in already exploring her new surroundings and chomping on the cuttlefish. She has bathed and ate with vigour. Vinny my grandson loves her already and it may sound silly but I am sure she is already responding to voices. Her little head was upright and eyes wide open taking everything in. LOVE HER.

The Glover family , Nottingham

Darwin arrived safe and sound on 16/10/14 and is absolutley beautiful. My daughter saved every penny she was given to buy him/her. She adores him and he is a much loved member if our family. He has settled in well and developed a taste for chicory leaves! He is slowly getting to know us all. Thanks Tortoise Shop!

Bev, Cambridgeshire

I spent a lot of time doing research until I got my Horsfield on May 20th. He is super, he arrived well packaged and after having a warm bath and some food he settled in straight away. I have had him 5 months now and he is delightful, he has quickly made a space in the family just for him (we call him a him for now but I'm not sure). We would be lost without him. I have had to contact the tortoise shop on two occasions so far and they are so helpful and so knowledge full, they quickly answered my questions. It's so reassuring to know there is somewhere who knows what they are talking about to turn to for advice. I cannot praise this service enough. Thank you to all at the Tortoise Shop. Bev

Abi, London

Hello! We got our little Quentin in January this year and he's just brilliant! I've wanted a tortoise since I was a child so this actually was a dream come true. He's a great little friend and so inquisitive! He's made such an impact that my brother has asked for a tortoise for his birthday and so we'll be ordering Quentin a cousin soon! Thank you for all your help when we ordered and the info and set up from the shop is brilliant. Quentin says Hi!