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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

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Marie, Hertfordshire

My marginated tortoise package came last night healthy happy little baby stuffing his face already nice table set up he's made himself at home already thank you

Benji, Carmarthen

My Marginaged arrived this afternoon, I left him under the basking light and 10 minutes later he was eating, so he seems to have settled in great! 100% would recommend

Jayne dee, Cleckheaton

Absolutely delighted with the Horsfield delux pro package. Friendly, helpful staff . Well organised easy collection. Beautiful little tortoise my children adore. Many thanks. Xx

Peter, Southend

Just recived my tortious table only taken 3 days well pleased. It's everything that say so impressed with the tortoise shop I've opened an account so will be back. Thank you I'm a happy chap.

Lornna Aston-Perry , Northwich

I've just called the shop as the vet couldn't help me re my newly adopted Tortoise who has her eyes shut! The advisor was extremely helpful and patients as I asked lots of questions and offered her assistant again in the future if I'm still a little lost as what to do with my two new shelled family members! I can not thank you enough for not making me feel silly and offering excellent customer service! I will recommend you 110%

Jennifer Rew, Barnstaple

Thank you so very much my two babies arrived this afternoon no nerves at all with them. They are being very inquisitive and they seem to enjoy being cuddled. They've had some dandelion leaves which they seem to have enjoyed. A big thank you to the delivery man he was very polite and helpful. Thinking of names for them now. Once thank you I'll keep doing updates on them.

Michelle, Southampton

My new little friend arrived yesterday, earlier than expected time wise but that didn't matter. Set up the table and then opened the box. Overwhelmed by the size, so much smaller than I was expecting and I was expecting small. Super cute. The baby I have called M for the time being wondered around it's new home, before demolishing some food. Can't stop watching M even if M is just sitting still under the lamp. Thanks guys.

Lynsey Attwood, Edgware

In 2008 I told my mum I wanted to buy a horsfield tortoise. She thought it was an unusual pet to buy, not knowing anything about tortoises. I ordered one and when it arrived he arrived in a box the size of a cress box as he was so tiny. When we opened it, he popped his head out and we all fell in love with him instantly! He sits on our lap and watches the TV with us and runs over when he sees or hears us..We kiss him goodnight before he goes to bed lol..Tortoises are a great pet to own..

Christina, Kent

Hi, just to let you know my two tortys arrrived safe and well, the delivery guy was great. They ate well (fresh salad leaves, with calc dust) and bathed and had a drink within an hour of arriving, then settled in their warm box under the heat light and are now snuggled and sleeping. Can already see the different personalities of the two, one of them seems to have taken a liking to my 3 year old! Thank you so much, they are beautiful, and very friendly!

Pam Norman, Grimsby

I would like to say a very very big thank you to Gemma, for her patience. I brought my first tort from a pet shop, unfortunately the tort was poorly and did not survive, then I found the tortoise shop and now have two Hermans Jess and Sky who are healthy and a delight to watch thank you so much