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Your feedback is important to us, whether its good or bad. It helps us understand how we are doing and if we are meeting our customers’ expectations.

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Jo Grimes, Sunbury-on-Thames

My Horsefield tortoise Sasha is amazing! Friendly, entertaining, very happy, loves a bath & eats well. Every interaction I have had with the tortoise shop has been amazing, from delivery to advice. Totally recommend anyone to purchase tortoises & products.

Elizabeth Farrell, Edinburgh

Thank you all at the Tortise Shop delivery was great and and cant praise you all enough for your help on the phone. My cute wee one came on Thursday all the way to EDINBURGH Scotland and was the best present my grandchildren could have asked for even better than Christmas they said. Both have had a lot of homework about keeping a baby tortoies and have worked really hard at it so I think they deserve this lovely healthy wee one they have named Sam/Samantha. Great Website for all of us. Elizabeth AKA Nana of the year lol

Lynne, Gateshead

We've had our little trever for a few days now and what a little funny tortoise he is.hes such a healthy and happy little thing we could watch him all day.he came to us in perfect condition, would recommend the tortoise shop to anyone, there always there to help with any questions.hopi ng to get trever a little friend in the future and wouldn't go anywhere else him/her

Lisa Fitches, London

Ordered a Tortoise for my daughter for Christmas,Arri ved today as promised.Great service from start to finish,Brillia ntly packaged & delivery driver Simon was just as good arriving dead on time as promised.My daughter is going to be over the moon with her early present & I must say if you are thinking of getting a Tortoise in the UK then these people are 5 star. A very satisfied customer.Many Thanks Regard s Lisa.

Cas , Leeds

It's my first time getting a pet Tortoise and I have absolutely no regrets. I remember on Thursday opening the box to find a cute tiny head looking at me and from that moment I was deeply in love. I researched everything before I made the decision to get one but did even more after just to make sure I get everything 100% right. I can assure you people at the Tortoise Shop that I will forever love and take good care of the one you sent me. My tortoises name is FLOOFLI. Strange name I know but the story behind that name is sweet and he's sweet. To other people looking on this website who are considering getting a Tortoise .... I'd really recommend you buy from this website. You won't regret it :-) Bye !!!!!

Samantha Davies, EBBW VALE

We just received are beautiful tortoise today he/she is very healthy has already started eating he/she is loving the new home we brought the vividarium it has lots of space for he/she to roam around in I would definitely recommend the tortoise shop to everyone the advice u are given is amazing and they don't mind u ringing them up anytime thank u very much for everything

laura smith, Exeter

I am in love with my 2 babies Joel and Nicole! They are the cutest little things ever. The whole process from ordering the babies to them being delivered was second to none! Absolutely amazing!!! I ordered the large deluxe set up plus an extra tortoise .I got a phone call from them on Monday to ask if Thursday would be a good date for them to be delivered. Well last night i get a phone call from the courier stating he would deliver them at about 9am ( and i'm in Devon) so i was really impressed with that! The delivery driver was extremely friendly and took care handing my the boxes. When i opened the box the 2 of them seemed very happy and well packaged, i gave them a bath to warm up while i set up their table and they were soon very active. They had a lovely feed on dandelions before exploring their new home. I must say they are very inquisitive and they certainly like to climb. What i also like is that i was sent 2 tortoises that you can tell apart !! I would definitely recommend.

Stoms Momma, St Helens

My little torty ''Storm'' has been with us for a week now and me and my little boy are totally in love with him! I would definitely recommend to anyone with small children getting a torty as a pet!

Sally, somerset

baby horsfield tortoise arrived this morning we all fell in love with this sweet little baby, the table is great. Heshe has settled in very well. Thank you, for our new little friend.

Jean Bignell, Harlech

After a trip from Hull to North Wales , 2 tiny horsefelds arrived this morning for 2 ecstatic daughters .. lively and lovely little pets .. thank-you x