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New Products

By: Natalie Times Read: 4566
New Products

We have been adding some new products to our website over the last few weeks and we think you're going to be very happy with what we have in store for you.

Firstly, we have the new Tortoise Shop Lighting Bracket. This our favourite new development and we designed and made this ourselves, it is our very own product and we are very proud of it. As the screw fit basking bulbs, we normally provide with our tortoise tables, are gradually being phased out by the government. We had to think of new options for our tortoise tables. As those of you with combination bulbs will know, it is sometimes difficult to find the right place to hang your clamp lamp. With our new bracket, you will no longer have this problem. The bracket screws onto the side of the table and holds the clamp lamp in place. It can also be adjusted to get the right temperature, so if you feel your run is too hot, just adjust the height the the lamp is higher. Keep your eye on the website as all tortoise tables will soon come equipped with bracket, clamp lamp and combination bulb. You can view our new bracket here

Secondly, we have some bedding for you. Some of you may remember a time when we did a sand and soil mix. Well, it's back. We now stock Arcadia Earth Mix in a 10ltr bag, you can follow the categories to Tortoise Bedding or you can go straight to this product by following this link tortoise food

Next, we have a new food mix and supplement. We have a little herb mix from Arcadia. It contains pro biotic, whole leaf plants and bee pollen to ensure great health.

We also have our tortoise block. This is a great little product that is flying off the shelves. It is a solid calcium block that also contains spineless cacti and vegetables. If you're going to try something new, this should be it.

Both of these products must be used as part of a balanced diet and not as an alternative to fresh leaves. You can find both products in the Tortoise Food category.

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