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Hibernation Diary Phase 3

By: The Tortoise Shop Times Read: 3587

Wake Up!!!

Get the tortoises indoor house ready, fresh bedding, turn the lamps on etc. Whilst the lamps are warming, get the tortoise out of the fridge, open the box but leave the tortoise inside the box. Place the box and tortoise close to a radiator so that the warm air temperature starts to wake the tortoise up, leave him there for about 10 mins or so.

Whilst the tortoise is coming round, get the tortoises bath ready. You will need a small plastic tub, (something like an old ice cream or margarine tub). Take the tortoise out of the hibernation boxes and pop the tortoise into the plastic bathing tub, fill the bathing tub with warm water until the water level reaches the tortoises chin. Allow the tortoise a good 10 min soak in the warm water, you may have to remove cold water and top up with some more warm.

After the tortoise has warmed through and had a lovely bath dry the tortoise off and place inside the tortoise inside indoor house, give the tortoise a couple of hours then you may offer a small amount of food, but please don’t worry if the tortoise doesn’t eat.

Then go back to your tortoises normal routine

** Due to mild temperatures we are finding lots of tortoises hibernating (not in the fridge) are waking early. Please keep a close eye on temperatures!!!!