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Hibernation Diary Phase 2

By: The Tortoise Shop Times Read: 3700

Phase 2 "Box Up"

Right first of all  put air holes in all 4 sides of both boxes. Make a note on the calendar of the date the tortoise goes in the box and hibernation and again make a note of the date when he will come back out.

My Fridge is approx 3dc I use a thermometer with a probe so it allows me to keep a close eye on the temperature.

I always find this phase the hardest of all ... so here goes.

Get the smaller box and half fill it with the soil then pop the tortoise in (he will be awake when this happens}. Then pop the lid on and use an elastic band to keep it in place. Tortoises continually move throughout hibernation.

In the outer box added a small amount of shredded paper/poly chips to the bottom of the box then place the tortoise in and fill the sides between the boxes with the rest of the shredded paper/poly chips and gain pop the lid on and use an elastic band to secure. The last thing you want is to check on the tortoise and find him out of the box!!!.

Then put the tortoise in the fridge.

I always pop Oscar in the salad crisper at the bottom of my fridge, this way when getting everyday items the air flow is changed whilst keeping the temperature around 3dc. I check on Oscar once a week by touching his legs as this does cause a reaction even a very slow one :).

Because Oscar is now 4 years old, he will hibernate for 16 weeks OMG where does the time go.

Here is the list for the age to hibernation time

1 year = 3 weeks

2 years = 6 weeks

4 years = 16 weeks

5 years and over = 22 weeks