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Hibernation Diary Phase 1

By: The Tortoise Shop Times Read: 3707

Phase 1 "The Wind Down" Your mantra for the next  few weeks is "Empty Gut, Full Bladder" 

7 days = 1 year old

10 - 14 days = 2 to 4 years

21 - 28 days = 4 years and over

For those of you only winding down for 7 days still use this principle.

Week 1

Get your calender and make a note of the date your starting .... this will stop any confusion .No food, bath every day in warm water, lighting remains the same. To bath the tortoise use a coloured tub just a bit bigger then your tortoise and the water level should just brush the bottom of the tortoises chin (tortoises cannot swim so don't make it too deep)

Handy tip, mark on the calendar when the tortoise goes to the toilet.

Week 2

You will now start to reduce the lighting, if you normally have the lamps on for 8 hours a day you will now half that time. Keep up with the No food, daily baths, and making notes on the calendar.

Week 3

This week will see the tortoises being very slow not wanting to come out and not very active. This is common, again reduce the length of time the lamps are on by another hour.

The tortoise will be sulking with you by now so be strong and keep up with the No food, daily baths and marking the calendar. Don't forget "Empty Gut, Full Bladder".

Week 4

Turn off all lamps !!! the tortoise will be very sluggish but you must persevere get him up and bathed daily does feel mean but it must be done

Keep up the mantra "EMPTY GUT, FULL BLADDER" no food but daily baths


If your tortoise is still going for a poo after 4 weeks please give us a call 01482 222214


Here is the blue peter section!!!!! You will need the following to start Phase 2

1 box just a little bigger than the tortoise, these can be old ice cream tubs, margarine with lid etc

1 outer box this needs to be a little bigger then the tortoise box, this can be a shoe box etc 

A small quantity of soil

A small quantity of either shredded paper or poly chips


A couple of elastic bands