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Hibernation Diary 2014

By: The Tortoise Shop Times Read: 3665

Well that time of year has come around again ....

Last year I wrote a Hibernation Diary and it went down a storm!!! so I decided to do it again this year.

There are two difference phases to the Hibernation, phase one is the Wind down and phase two is the actual hibernation.

Phase 1 "the wind down"

The length of wind down depends on how old the tortoises is and when to start will also vary. Normally tortoises start to slow down around the time the clocks go back but it all depends on temperature. The one basic rule you MUST follow is simple ...... Empty Gut, Full Bladder!!!!

On average the length of the wind down period are as follows:

7 days = 1 year old

10 to 14 days = 2 to 4 years old

21 to 28 days = 4 years or over