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Merry Christmas from The Tortoise Shop

By: Natalie Times Read: 740
Merry Christmas from The Tortoise Shop

Well, hasn’t it been one hell of year. Apart from working through a Pandemic and having to work out how to actually work through a pandemic. We’ve experienced delays, abuse from customers, a fair few breakdowns, but also some lovely comments on how well we handled things (which are always appreciated). We’d like to thank everyone who’s been patient with us and those who understand that we are all in the same boat, as none of us have ever had to live, never mind work, through a pandemic before. We are now closed for the Christmas break until Monday 11th January. I know that seems like a long break, however, this year has been tough for everyone and Gemma and I are very lucky to have been granted the extra week off that we feel we need right now.

Facebook messages will be answered as soon as I see them, as usual. Emails will be picked up by myself and Gemma sporadically, however, whilst we are out of the office, we cannot deal with anything directly order related, please save those until we reopen.

Happy Christmas from The Tortoise Shop