Grow Your Own Flowers: Winter Flowering/Propagator Mix

Grow Your Own Flowers: Winter Flowering/Propagator Mix

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This seed mix consists of flowers and grasses which can be grown indoor and outdoor throughout Autumn and Winter.

The winter flowering Pansy can be sown directly to a hanging basket outdoors and will flower throughout Winter, into Spring.

Cat grass can be sown outdoors at any time of the year, but can also be grown indoors.

Geranium and Viola will need to be kept indoors through out the winter and propagated on a windowsill. These will be able to be transplanted or even sown directly into the garden in the summer months, to create a lovely border for your outdoor enclosure.

All flowers are completely safe to feed on a daily basis.

Note: Mix contains 4 packets of seeds chosen specifically from a list of edible tortoise flowers. Flower seeds may be different to the photo, depending on availability.

Sowing instructions can be found on each individual packet, specific to it's own contents.

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