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Collection Information

On receipt of any Tortoise order we will contact you via email to arrange the collection. This is usually within 2 working days, however, it can sometimes take a little longer during busy periods, or if there is a queueing system in place. Please ensure a valid email address is included on your order. It is important to check your spam after ordering, as our emails can sometimes end up in the Spam folder. This is easily avoided by adding to your contacts.

Tortoise Collections

The tortoise, housing and anything within the same order will be booked to be collected at the same appointment. Orders cannot be split and products cannot be added later, due to the website only allowing pick up from store on tortoise orders (all orders must go through the website).

Collections can only be arranged for a Monday. This is due to the business we currently reside in being closed. The decision to book collections only when Bell and Higgins Timber are closed is for our customer's safety and the safety of the tortoises. 

If you are unavailable on a Monday, you can arrange for someone to collect on your behalf. 

Times will be subject to our current workload and can often be grouped either in mornings or afternoons only. 

Collections will not be arranged outside of opening hours.

Deliveries can be requested only if you are more than a 2 hour drive from our location. This is due to the collection for deliveries likely passing your delivery address on the way to the hub, with no option to deliver on the way to hub. Sending the tortoise on an unnecessary round trip is always something we try to avoid.

Non Tortoise Collections

We will not be arranging collections for orders other than those including a tortoise for the foreseeable future.