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2019 Waiting List

By: Natalie Times Read: 632
2019 Waiting List

Our waiting lists are now open for 2019 hatchlings (Hermann, Marginated, Tunisian Spur-Thigh).

Please be aware that this is not for the 2018 hatchlings that are due February, nor does it reserve you a tortoise.

Our waiting lists are to ensure that those, who have asked to join, are told the date and time of release first, so they can be the first to get their order in through our website.

Please also bear in mind, with regards to the Tunisian Spur-Thigh, this is a rare species that we only have one breeder for. If you join this waiting list later in the year, there is always a chance that not enough eggs will hatch to accommodate everyone.

You can join the waiting list by filling out an enquiry form. Please include an email address where you can be reached at any time (not a work email) and a mobile number

We had many miss out last year due to email bounce backs and no contact number.